"How Can I Build Muscle?"
A FormaFill Story

"How can I build muscle?" has always been the big question as supplements for muscle growth have been explored by bodybuilders.  Let's find out more.


Turning those weak, flabby biceps, triceps and forearm muscles into big guns


Who is the man behind Formafill?


Building your pectoral muscles can make a positive first, and lasting impression

The Beginning of Site Enhancement to Build Muscles

Did you know site enhancement has long been common in the cosmetic world - when dermal fillers (ex. Botox) are used to improve facial wrinkles, lip plumping, breast augmentation, butt lift and many more? It was only in early 1980s that the breakthrough  in muscle site enhancement began - through an injectable steroid drug. However, because it produced just so-so results, bodybuilders were introduced to the site enhancement oil in the 1990s, more popularly known as "SEO". 

Since then, SEOs have become rampant in the bodybuilding world. It's still in great demand to date. It functions to provide temporary localized inflammation that creates an increased muscle proportion. Muscle growth stories are generally good... BUT, when some users started abusing it by injecting more than suggested quantities into their bodies, these same muscle growth stories have turned ugly, and even worse, disastrous to the bodybuilder's health and can be potentially fatal.

Thanks to science, and to a man that pioneers human evolution... Formafill was born.

Dr. Tony Huge - The Man Behind Formafill Success

A former lawyer, Dr. Tony Huge is a well known personality in bodybuilding. He is an honest, but iron man when it comes to breaking taboos in the fitness industry. He discovered secrets to enhance the body to be more physically fit, think and look better, be more productive, and even cure diseases! He even experimented on his own body to prove the results of true science, so he can change other people's lives. 

What's really impressive with Dr. Tony Huge, is the fact that what he shares with us, is NOT promoting products, but providing a tool to open our minds on what is true and what works based on hard core research. He believes people should be educated with accurate and powerful information on how to enhance their bodies in order to make their own decisions freely through acquired knowledge, and not based on what others tell them. 

And that our friends, is... FREEDOM.

The Secret - Hyaluronic Acid 


FACT: HA is not to be misconstrued as to "build muscles" literally. It only enhances the muscle site to produce a larger proportion from its original size as a result of localized inflammation. Body builders are, and should be, aware of this phenomenon. The mention of "How can I build muscle" or building muscles on this site pertains solely to muscle site enhancement only.


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is naturally existent in our bodies. It's a powerful molecule to an enormous number of benefits! Did you know that HA:

  • is the holy grail in anti-aging?
  • promotes wound healing and skin repairs?
  • can even treat osteoarthritis, dermatitis, or dry eyes?
  • is injected into the skin as dermal fillers in cosmetics?

There's a ton other uses of HA and this page cannot justify its supremacy over the other elements. But here's the short list why an HA-based site enhancement product is a MUCH better alternative to an SEO: 

  • HA is a LOT safer because our bodies  can tolerate it as a biomedical substance;
  • Results can last much longer;
  • And YES - lesser number and amount of applications on muscle site!

HA retains over a THOUSAND times its weight in water within our cells. It swells, making it a perfect dermal or tissue filler that lasts some 6-12 months with proper maintenance. 

"So.. how can I build muscle with Formafill?"

Since Formafill is HA-based (and not oil-based like SEOs), it creates a longer binding effect on the muscle tissue after it is dispersed to the area of application. It is self-dispersing since HA is a water carrier. What this means is that HA adheres to the muscle cells, and will start to accumulate volume because of the increase in intracellular hydration. Always bear in mind to identify a central location of the application site. Avoid targeting several areas. 

Formafill is unlikely to cause deformed or lagging muscle effect. Use responsibly as suggested, and you can see an amazing improvement in as short as two days! With proper maintenance, results can last a much longer time. This product only contains high quality pharma-grade HA, and definitely NOT store-bought kind. This assures you of its efficiency and safety. 

With less product volume to consume, less frequent applications, and fewer application sites needed - Formafill can actually save you money to reach your goal better!

We only get one opportunity to live... and most people never do. 

- Dr. Tony Huge